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About Us

We're an established company in the matrimonial industry

About Our Company

VIP Matrimony, India's leading matrimonial services.

Our company was founded in New Deli in April 2012. We were established as a freight forwarding marriage bureau company. This is just not just a marriage agency but also a verified venture.

VIP Matrimony is a marriage bureau majorly work for high class. This matrimony platform opens a brand-new world for many who are critical about searching for right partner for marriage objective solely.

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Our approach and Objective

Our matrimonial matchmaking journey

When the VIP matrimony founded in 2012, it is located at Aerocity Extension, Delhi. It is a prime participant within the class Matrimonial Bureaus within the upper class society. Over the course of its journey, this enterprise has established an agency foothold in its business.

Our Mission

Our services enable our clients to fulfil their marriage objectives and help them to find their perfect life partner by knowing their interests.

Our Objective

We aspire to achieve maximum client satisfaction by analysing, studying and monitoring the requirements of our clients, using the best matrimonial and human resources available.

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