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We welcome you here, at the official website of VIP matrimony. We are greatly focused on our core matrimonial purpose of delivering the high-quality marriage services consistently that nicely emphasizes confidentiality.

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VIP Privacy

Our services are known for our privacy and congeniality. We have earned the trust from every client for strict shield.

VIP marriage Consultant

VIP Consultant

VIP team is very different for other’s ordinary team. Our team has fabulous experience of marriage profiles.

VIP Matches

We work only for high class. Our marriage profile database contains industrialist, celebrities & Professionals.

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In order for us to provide you with services that are tailored to your needs, we encourage you to schedule a meeting.

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About Our Company

Best Matrimonial Services

VIP Matrimony is the best matrimony agency for the upper class of society. Therefore, if you’re looking for reliable matrimony which has full proof privacy and having database of hand-picked rich and affluent profiles around the world.

  • Our matrimony firm includes the well experienced staff on board.
  • VIP Matrimony is one of India's leading matrimonial services.
  • We caters to the matrimonial needs of rich and famous Indians.
  • Most of all, We are trusted by millions for VIP Matrimonial Profiles.

Providing worldwide services


The matrimonial services are taken to you by an award-winning originality with more than 2 decades of provision, in wedding management.

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We have services that can meet your needs.
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We have services that can meet your needs.
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We have services that can meet your needs.
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We have services that can meet your needs.
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